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We have scrimped and saved tirelessly to try and raise the £142,000 it is costing to do this race. We are not there yet and still rely on the generosity of our sponsors and partners to finally make the start line.

Our boat (Molly Moo) is a floating billboard that can reach a worldwide audience of over 170 million people every year.  Atlantic Campaigns employ a dedicated media team to maximize press coverage and media exposure to ensure the race and teams get global exposure. Alongside this we will be creating as much of our own content as we can delivered through our own social media channels via our professional media company (Shark Bait Socials), who have a huge experience of supporting other teams in previous ocean rowing and adventure races. We feel it is important to ensure our sponsors understand that their contribution is appreciated and are satisfied that we are maximizing the unique opportunity that the campaign offers to publicize their brand and the support they have offered to assist us in getting there.

Advertising Space Example


"Amazing opportunity to see your company logo on the start line, mid-atlantic ocean, at the finish, all over the world via media platforms"

Associated Costs

Whilst it is not possible to give a perfectly accurate representation of our expected costs, the breakdown below is a very realistic estimate and is based on information that we have acquired from previous teams, as well as the race organizers, Atlantic Campaigns.

*Boat £65,000  *Race Entry £22,000  *Equipment £14,000  *Shipping £13,000  *Food £8,000    

*Travel £5,000  *Courses £2,000  *PR/Media £9000  *Training £3,000  *Insurance £1,000   Total £142,000

To demonstrate a commitment to the task in hand, we have purchased the boat and invested huge amounts of time and money into the project.

The items marked in RED are paid we need to raise approximately £38K to get to the start line. This can be made up of any size of sponsorship. £250 will get you a logo on "Molly Moo" larger amounts give you more space with greater media coverage.

Become an equipment sponsor or partner with us.

Using the equipment sponsor link here will allow you to give any amount to the project. Please contact me via any platform with any questions..

Direct Bank Transfer

Halifax Sort Code 11-64-57

Account Number 31129867

We promote all our sponsors and partners through a host of online and hard platforms using the media company "Shark Bait Socials" who are hugely experienced in promoting adventure races and specialize in ocean rowing. Check them out here Shark Bait Socials 

Our Sponsors

  • Flowbird Smart City UK

  • Sound 4 Self - Kate PT

  • Wansbeck Paddlesports Club

  • RingGo

  • Cumbria Parking Services

Our Partners

  • Maryport Harbour & Marina - Marina - Caravan Site 

  • Body Fit Cumbria

  • Lakeland Rowing Club

  • Dragons Gym Maryport

  • G&S Fitness

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